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 Reviews prior to March 2022 

I recently engaged Lyn Hancock to research my family history and prepare a report including information preceding my great grandfather who had travelled to Australia from England in 1882.  I had personally attempted on numerous occasions to trace back records beyond my great grandfather but had limited success.  Lyn was able to find direct records tracing back a further 3 generations to the late 1700’s.  Lyn was also able to find potential family links going back as far the mid-1500’s.  The report prepared by Lyn was fascinating and I have enjoyed sharing the information with my family. 

I was surprised at how quickly Lyn was able to find so much information.

I would recommend Lyn to anyone wishing to understand more about their family history.

David P. - March 2022

I was looking for an expert in the Hunter Valley region that would be able to find my extensive family there and Lyn certainly delivered.  She was quick to respond and was able to pull a fountain of knowledge I hadn't found before.  On top of that she made it look easy!  Definitely recommend if you're looking for a consummate professional.

Working remotely with Lyn was eye-opening and a pleasure. We are very pleased with the end result and have learned a lot about our UK ancestry. We do not hesitate in recommending her highly professional services. Thanks again Lyn!

Samantha - February 2022
Peter Stephenson - December 2021

Following on from my Father, I have been investigating my Paternal Grandfather. There was no information available from British and Lancashire records about him being born or having the parents as named on his 2 Marriage Certificates. There had long been a suggestion that he may have changed his name prior to coming to Australia following WW1 using the information we had and the additional support of DNA Testing Lyn was able to provide detailed information on some probable options. Having sorted through the limited possibilities Lyn was able to prosecute a case that identified the name of the man who we are now 90% confident, is actually my Grandfather. Further Ancestry Thrulines end family tree analysis has identified up to 18 DNA contacts further supporting his identity. I would highly recommend Lyn to assist in unearthing any family mysteries!

Steve Wheeler - November 2021

After commencing my own research and then stalling after hitting a brick wall years ago, I finally decided to recommence the project using a professional. I cannot speak highly enough about Lyn's attention to detail, regular updates and overall professionalism. I was (very pleasantly) surprised at the significant amount of broader historical and interesting detail her lengthy report provided. In addition to the basic details of the family tree, and all at a reasonable cost given the level of effort required. A few real surprises were revealed. I am very glad I undertook the project and unreservedly recommend her services.

Adrian - November 2021

I recruited Lyn recently to help with a family history search of my Newcastle and Hunter relatives. She was super efficient, replied swiftly and kept me in the loop. She provided a well set out report that will be invaluable to the family in the future and dug up some unexpected jewels and a few skeletons. Highly recommended.

Bill Burke - October 2021

Thank you Lyn for finding out about my late husband's family. I had no idea where to start or how to go about it and you have made it all effortless. It all makes very interesting reading and I've enjoyed reading the newspaper excerpts that make it very real. It has been terrific dealing with you and I would highly recommend your services.

Patricia - September 2021

Thanks so much Lyn for an extremely detailed history of mine and my husband's maternal and paternal family. It's very well researched and makes for interesting reading, especially when neither of us knew e whole lot about them. My kids may not be interested now, however, I know they will as their children grow into adults. I would highly recommend Lyn as her rates are reasonable and she was able to find out things I never could of. Maybe more to come Lyn!

Robyn Riddell - August 2021

Thank you so much Lyn for your truly wonderful research into tracing my ancestors. Your reports made such interesting reading and the various certificates and articles you sourced added even more depth to the reports, and all delivered in a very timely and professional manner. I'm so pleased that my children and theirs will have such a detailed background story about our family to carry into the future, thanks to you. I
could not recommend Lyn highly enough.

Jill McEwan - August 2021

I am so grateful for Lyn Hancock and her wonderful research skills. I endeavoured to do some family history for my mother but found the usual websites frustrating. Lyn was able to uncover lots of information I could never have accessed including newspaper articles end employment records. My only regret is that I did not find her sooner! Lyn's costs are reasonable and her reporting is very thorough. She is also open to change the brief as you proceed and uncover new information. Save yourself the time end effort and go straight to an expert!

Leanne Jumabhoy - February 2021

 Reviews prior to February 2021 

For many years I have wanted to locate family members grave sites After doing my own research I soon realised I need to find a genealogist.  I knew a little about my family"s connection to Newcastle and Lyn Hancock living in Newcastle I just knew she was the right person to help me. Fortune smiled upon me because Lyn uncovered grave sites, a photo of my grandfather's grave at Sandgate Cemetery Newcastle end newspaper articles. Thank you so much - Lyn you pierced through the mist of time to awaken some of my forgotten memories. It was a wonderful experience working with you. I would recommend Lyn because of her research abilities and the documentation she provides at a very reasonable cost.

John Kelly - February 2021

I had been fascinated with my father's paternal descendants and how they arrived in Australia. After lengthy searching my impatient nature kicked in and I gave up when I hit a brick wall. I came back to my little project some time after and eventually engaged Lyn to assist. She was absolutely wonderful Her research was so in depth and thorough, so I was absolutely delighted. I will certainly be in contect with Lyn again. Her knowledge on the little clues which can break through that 'break wall' is absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much, my family enjoyed reading your final report

Jacqui Hughes - December 2020

I contacted Lyn to look into our family after reaching a dead end in my own research on Lyn has been absolutely amazing. Her investigative research skills are second to none and she has provided us with a rich family history in an easy to navigate report format that we will be able to pass down and share for generations. The newspaper articles and photos she uncovered brought the research to life end we couldn't be more impressed with Lyn's work. Lyn's costs are extremely reasonable and she is very prompt to deliver the research. I couldn't recommend Lyn highly enough.

Cassie - August 2020

I contacted Lyn concerning a rumoured ex-nuptial daughter that my grandfather had fathered, without much hope that anything would turn up. So I was absolutely delighted when Lyn tracked her down and provided details of her name and birth, and even her work record and where she'd lived. It was such a thrill. For years I'd wondered about this anonymous aunt and Lyn found her for me. She worked promptly and efficiently and every reference is footnoted so that the source can be viewed.  A great experience and I'd recommend Lyn to anyone seeking further family information.

Gabrielle Lord - June 2020  -

It has been truly wonderful to learn so much about so many people, those ancestors who make up my past! Dates and names from the past have suddenly become real because of the information you have gathered to reveal their stories. Your knowledge and expertise is incredible and the detailed reports always timely and efficient. Everything is so clearly documented, and supported by facts more easily understood. I highly recommend you and your services Lyn, and will do so to as many people as I can. Thank you so very much for caring about the past of so many strangers scattered far end wide, then step by step providing documented links to their present day families! Simply the best!

Jill WE - June 2020

I had conducted an interview with Lyn for my HSC major work and she was very willing and interested to help me out.   Her research has helped with my project immensely, and I would highly recommend her work.

Anabelle S - May 2020

Lyn has performed quite a miracle in tracking down information regarding my family. We gave her little information to go on, and she has produced a sensitively written report which has given my father the peace he needs. Thank you for delivering so much more than a family tree.

Dea M - April 2020

 Reviews prior to May 2020 

I am glad to have found you. I have been wanting to find out about my family for a long time and you have made it so easy for me to read your findings, setting out the information in a way I can understand.  Thank you for doing such a wonderful efficient job, I would certainly recommend you to anyone who wants to find their family connections.

Marilyn F.

April 2020

For our mother’s 90th birthday, my sister and I asked Lyn to research a part of my mother’s family tree that we knew very little about.  Lyn did a wonderful job. Her research was thorough and engaged, and her report informative and beautifully presented.  She kept me up-to-date throughout the process and responded quickly and thoughtfully to my emails and queries.  We are delighted with the final product and a big piece of our family history has now been filled in.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lyn and, in fact, we have another assignment for her when she’s available! Thank you Lyn.

Deborah S.

Camperdown, November 2019

We hired Lyn to do some research on an Irish ancestor who came out to Australia. I have done many searches and come up empty handed so was very pleased that she was able to find information for us. In addition to this she compiled all the information in a report which not only summarized everything she’d done, but gave the sites she found the information and the links where possible. She also gave us some ideas for continuing our research on our own and responded quickly to any questions I had as follow up. I would highly recommend Lyn and plan to use her again in the future myself.

Dianne O.

Seattle, Washington. November 2019

Lyn has provided me with excellent and professional help in researching family history. It is such an open ended task so I appreciated that she told me clearly upfront what she would do and what the cost would be. She delivered and I am very happy with the information and the way she presented it. So clear. I will do more phases with her help. I highly recommend her.

Elizabeth Stewart

August 2019

Thank you for your wonderful work. I am very pleased with what you have been able to find, and your report was amazing. Thank you.

Emma L.

New Zealand. May 2019

Your Path to the Past provided us with an incredibly detailed report on the life and family history of my grandmother, whom I never met as she died when my mother was a teenager. Going on very little information, Lyn compiled a comprehensive 17-page report in a short timeframe that I was able to provide to my mother as a gift.  My mum was absolutely stunned and impressed by the report and details about her mother and family history - an amazing gift she will cherish forever and share with her 4 siblings and family.

Monica B

Apr 2019

Thank you for your wonderful report.   What a great job you have done.

Ian H

Sept 2018

We sought help from Lyn to find my grandfather’s/father’s biological mother. Words cannot express how grateful and overwhelmed we are by what Lyn was able to achieve. She provided newspaper clippings, photos and even visited the cemetery for us. Lyn is extremely helpful and extremely efficient. She has an absolute passion for the work she does. We cannot thank her enough. If anyone needs help to discover their past I would highly recommend Lyn. 

Amanda and Ann

Bankstown NSW June 2018

All my family members are overjoyed to have written documents by which they are able to navigate their pathway to the past. Many have indicated they will continue to add to the documents, so they may be handed on to future generations.

Lyn was able to find out much more than bare facts of my ancestors. For example, she was able to find anecdotes of events in their lives, photographs of some of them,  photographs of ships on which they travelled to Australia and details of Australian Government and Church programs which brought them to Australia. Consequently both she and I came to know my forebears as real people.

I would recommend Lyn's services to anyone who would like professional help in discovering their pathway to the past.

Ruth B

East Maitland NSW Feb 2018

Following visits by some of our family to the WW1 French Western Front, and to the site of The Battle of Fromelles 1917 in which a relative, William Bruce Higgins, was a casualty and whose burial site was not discovered till 2008, and whose remains were identified by DNA testing, it was decided that our family needed to know more of his earlier life and war record. It should be mentioned that his Parents and siblings went to their graves knowing only that he had lost his life in battle but with no further information despite years of trying to uncover the detail. A few of us were able to gather some of the more important points of his life but we were not able to fill in the detail gaps until Lyn Hancock came onto the scene with an offer to research those details for us.

After a few months of well organised research Lyn was able to find the answers to the gaps through thorough research of records of Government, Local Council, Births Deaths and Marriage Registrations, Newspaper research, Church documents etc. Our Family thank Lyn for her wonderful work in researching, sorting and documenting in detail the information, and also for having the ability to open those “doors“ which were unknown to us, but hid some valuable information. Well done Lyn.

Ken and Bruce Higgins

Gloucester, NSW and Mackay, Qld

Lyn has worked on two family history projects for me over the past few years.   

One project was a sheet including photos and information on several generations on both sides of my husband’s and my families.  I had this sheet copied and framed as Christmas presents for our children and grandchildren.  The prints gave the grandchildren, in particular, knowledge of who their forebears were and where they came from and were much appreciated as it’s not always easy for children to realise that their family comes from all over the world.   Lyn was very competent on the computer and extremely patient as we discussed the format and changed details until I was satisfied with the layout and that details were correct.

The second project was the compilation of a detailed history of my family as I was travelling to England and Scotland and planned to search for the places my ancestors came from.    Lyn was able to use her various sources to trace my forebears back hundreds of years and the information found formed the basis of my travel plans.  The history was presented in an easy-to-read (and understand) format and I was able to add more “flesh” to the list of names, places and dates on the pages as I travelled around seeing where they had lived and worked.

With time, effort and expense I may have found some of this information for myself but the task was daunting and I feel that it was worth passing the job over to Lyn to use her knowledge and experience to compile my family history.  I wish her all the best in her new venture.


Stratford NSW

The family history research undertaken for us by Lyn and Alan was conceived as a gift to a parent.  Lyn and Alan were very helpful and we were surprised  at some of the information uncovered.  It was a well presented report and very much appreciated by the recipient.


Lorn, NSW

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